A professional VC/PE investment online and offline multi-scenario training platform built on years of industry resources and research experience and focusing on talent training in this industry. It introduces high-quality industry resources, widely invites top investors, industry leaders and senior experts to form a mentor group, establishes a mature training system and top investment community, and help Chinese financial and equity investment institutions and investors gain insight into capital market trends and grasp the latest investment opportunities.

Its subsidiaries include: SandHill University, SandHill College, Investment College and Customized Training.

SandHill University is a large-scale Internet university, which focuses on entrepreneurship and investment and provides in-depth courses such as VC/PE online learning, certification examination, entrepreneurship strategy, etc. The course covers the whole process from new entrants to mature investors, dismantles the major difficulties encountered in the process of starting a business and provides guidance to entrepreneurs. It has launched the Private Equity Professional Certificate (PEPC), which is a stepping stone for newcomers in the VC/PE industry.

SandHill College is targeting entrepreneurs, fund partners, shareholders/senior executives of listed companies, heirs of family wealth, high net worth individuals, stars and industry celebrities. It aims to turn them into outstanding investors that are good at capturing opportunities in Chinese market, with global horizon and rich experience. SandHill College pools over top-notch Chinese investors to give the most pragmatic VC/PE courses.

SandHill College named after the SandHill Road, an arterial road known as the “the Wall Street of the West Coast” in Menlo Park, west Silicon Valley, California. SandHill College pays tribute to SandHill Road and determines to be the West Point in China’s VC/PE industry.

Investment College is committed to providing a professional, practical and cutting-edge learning and exchanging training platform for China's industrial finance and VC/PE elites. The courses include modules such as fundraising, investment, post-investment management, risk control, exit, management, law, taxation, industry, park investment promotion, etc. It is divided into online and offline systems. The online system helps investors gain insight into the whole picture of private equity, providing them with learning opportunities at any time. The offline system covers routine training on hot topics every month and customized training.

Customized Training

Customized Training provides practical entrepreneurship trainings, bringing together senior experts and industry leaders from frontline financial investment institutions, listed companies, red circle law firms, four major accounting firms, and outstanding entrepreneurs as professional mentors with a full-stage training and growth guidance from startups to listed companies, empowering talent, finance, science and technology and other relevant government departments.