Zero2IPO Ventures boasts four major online,, SandHill University, Deal Market, all committed to provide timely, accurate, and effective statistics, information, online learning and investment & financing matching services.

PEdata is a comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date professional database covering China's VC and PE market. It provides specialized and convenient data to limited partners, VC/PE firms, strategic investors, government agencies, law firms, accounting firms, investment banks, research institutions, etc.

  • The visualized database terminal provides routine data query and statistical services
  • Data interface service achieves early warning and monitoring of projects and funds through embedding in user internal system
  • Customized data platform supports personalized services such as financial risk prevention and control as well as regional tech investment and financing

Portal of China's entrepreneurship and investment

As a professional information platform in entrepreneurship and investment with leading visits, appeals and influence, has become a vertical information platform with high attention from investors and entrepreneurs. has formed matrices with major information platform including PC website, mobile APP, WeChat public account, Sina Weibo, Toutiao account, Tencent open platform, and Sohu new media platform. The audience covers the VC/PE core groups of LP, GP, FA, entrepreneurs, securities, governments, parks, universities and research institutions.

NewSeed (, a sub-brand of PEdaily, is committed to providing early-stage entrepreneurs, founders and angel investors with new and fast information. It is the capital focus that entrepreneurs all pay attention to and together spot the next unicorn.

SandHill University is a large-scale Internet university, which focuses on entrepreneurship and investment and provides in-depth courses such as VC/PE online learning, certification examination, entrepreneurship strategy, etc. The course covers the whole process from new entrants to mature investors, dismantles the major difficulties encountered in the process of starting a business and provides guidance to entrepreneurs. It has launched the Private Equity Professional Certificate (PEPC), which is a stepping stone for newcomers in the VC/PE industry.

Deal Market APP is an investment and financing information matching platform with a wide coverage. Driven by big data and AI technology, it adopts an "online + offline" and "standardized + customized" service model, aiming at providing quality project resources for investors and financing channels for high-growth enterprises. For online business, it provides a service and function matrix with project demo, appointment arrangement and online roadshow as the core to realize efficient and targeted match between capital and enterprises. The offline business, adhering to leading investment philosophy and model, conducts project matching and puts on roadshows in accordance with regions, industries, and stages, with a wide coverage of the market.