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In-depth reports on investment dynamics from, the information platform. A number of forum summits and salon roadshows are held every year, forming a pattern with Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen as the core and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and central and western regions covered by radiation. A strong network of relationships and an influential exchange platform for domestic investors and entrepreneurs have been established. The three influential rankings in the community, including China Investors TOP100, F40—Forty Fancy Future and Venture 50, have been credited as indicators of great value.

Portal of China's entrepreneurship and investment

As a leading information platform in entrepreneurship and investment community, has strong industry influence and power., diving into this field for more than 10 years, has always been watching the venture capital trends of China, and promoted the VC/PE industry. At present, has formed matrices including PC website, mobile APP, WeChat public account, Sina Weibo, Toutiao account, etc., continuing the production of quality content.

The audience of covers senior executives from startups, GP & LP, traditional industry companies, and high-end readers from regional governments and financial regulators.

Event Brand

  • LP峰会

    The first high-end exclusive summit of LP/GP in China. It brings together top LPs such as FoFs, government guidance funds,bank funds, insurance funds, listed companies, high net worth individuals and rich families with domestic and foreign high-quality GPs.

  • CVCF

    A grant annual event in the VC/PE market.Established in 2001, it has gone through 20 years and gathered the most influential venture capitalists and industry leaders who lead the reform and growth of the whole industry.

  • V50

    The first ranking of enterprises in China with investment as the criteria. Founded in 2006, the event focuses resources of domestic mainstream investment institutions, gathers the strength of innovation pioneers, and closely connects entrepreneurs with capital.

  • F40

    Focusing on rising young Chinese investors and connecting young Chinese investors is to connect China's nascent market and the heritage and future of Chinese venture capital. On the forum, “F40 Chinese Young Investors List” will be posted.

  • GVCS

    The integration of global capital market with cities, discussing opportunities for global entrepreneurship and investment, promoting financial innovation, and establishing an international exchange platform.

  • 投资界百人论坛

    Marks the beginning of a new year of the venture capital trends. Well-known entrepreneurs and investors gather in Sanya to explore the trend in the new year. The Zero2IPO Series of Poker during this has also become the most popular entertainment and mental competition in the industry.

  • 中国创投精英挑战赛

    An outdoor event of venture capital high-end series. It invites venture capital elites to seek truth in the nature and challenge the limits; In the process of reconnection, they walk hand in hand with the investment and business leaders in the venture capital community.

  • CITY城市合作

    We hosts numerous activities including innovation and entrepreneurship, investment and financing negotiation, financial summit in cities with great vigor.