Committing to providing professional information, data, research for limited partners, government agencies, VC/PE firms, strategic investors, as well as law firms, accounting firms, etc.

So far, we have provided services for the NDRC, MST, CSRC and other regulatory authorities and over 40 provincial and municipal financial offices, NDRC, STB and other institutions and it is deeply involved in market analysis and related policy formulation. We served as a service provider for national ministries and local government guidance funds due diligence and investment consultation. We have provided due diligence and performance evaluation services to nearly 100 regions, including the Science and Technology Achievement Transformation Guidance Fund of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and government guidance funds of Jilin, Shandong, Tianjin, Shenzhen, Chongqing, etc.

PEdata is a comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date professional database covering China's VC and PE market. It provides specialized and convenient data to limited partners, VC/PE firms, strategic investors, government agencies, law firms, accounting firms, investment banks, research institutions, etc.

  • The visualized database terminal provides routine data query and statistical services
  • Data interface service achieves early warning and monitoring of projects and funds through embedding in user internal system
  • Customized data platform supports personalized services such as financial risk prevention and control as well as regional tech investment and financing

Research Report


    Customized report services are provided for domestic and overseas investors, family funds, investment firms, governments, listed companies, large companies, start-ups, parks, etc. We also provide relevant data and research reports to departments such as NDRC, MOF, the Central Finance and Economics Committee, the Cyberspace Affairs Commission, MOST, CSRC, AMAC, and the Beijing Bureau of Financial Work.


    Since 2000, we regularly released research reports on China's VC/PE market. Our analysts and consultants released reports including VC/PE industry reports, special issues on market hot spots and reports on vertical industries.

Annual Ranking

  • Annual Ranking

    In 2001, Zero2IPO—China Venture Capital & Private Equity Annual Ranking was released, filling the gap in professional ranking of VC/PE firms in China. After 19 years, Zero2IPO Ranking has launched China Venture Capital & Private Equity Annual Ranking, China VC/PE Fund Limited Partners Ranking, and China Investors TOP100, becoming a bellwether of China’s VC and PE investment market.